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Responsible management

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Responsible management of relationships with suppliers

The DIA Group selects its suppliers based on criteria relating to competition, process efficiency, and product quality. As we have highlighted in previous sections, all of DIA’s suppliers of own-label products are subject to internal and external audits that take place periodically.

In addition, all the suppliers have been proactively informed about the rollout of the DIA Group’s Ethics Channel, and they have been encouraged to use it in the event of any non-compliant situation being detected. Given that more than 90% of the suppliers of own-label products are local suppliers, to date it has not been deemed necessary to conduct a risk analysis related to non-compliance of human and occupational rights in the DIA Group’s supply chain (412-1). However, this issue will be discussed in the coming months.

All of DIA’s contracts with its merchandising suppliers include a clause indicating that the company is a signatory of the United Nations’ Global Compact. In accordance with these instruments, the DIA Group’s relationship with its suppliers could lead to penalties or the contract being rescinded if there is any violation of the Ethics Code and/or of any of the principles included in the Global Compact.

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