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The company report of Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación S.A., DIA aims to communicate to its interest groups how the company manages its current expectations and how they are taken into account to determine its future strategy.

This report includes the information that is traditionally included in the Activity Report and in the Sustainable Development Report. The aim is none other than to provide, in a single document, the necessary information to know and evaluate how the company’s strategy contributes to value creation in the short, mid, and long term. The information included in this report is complemented with the Annual Accounts, the Management Report, and the Corporate Governance report, which are available at www.diacorporate.com.

This Report is annual (102-52) and refers to the consolidated data from the entire company1 for the whole of 20172 (102-50) (although sometimes it also refers to facts and figures from previous years if this provides a broader analytical approach).

The initial chapters provide an overall view of the company, focusing on its corporate governance system, its business model and strategy, and its financial results in the current fiscal year. In order to comply with Royal Decree 18/2017, information is provided about what corporate policies govern each of the main non-financial aspects covered by the decree (chapter II), the associated risks (chapter II), and the key issues on which the company is working, taking into account its entire value chain (chapter IV). The following chapters (from chapter IV to chapter X), which are structured around the company’s relationship with its main interest groups, provide information about the company’s specific performance in terms of these key or material issues that have been identified by the company.

As part of a new initiative this year, this document has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option (102-54). Accordingly, the quantitative report does not follow exactly the same structure as last year’s sustainability report (102-51), although a special focus has been placed on using concise indicators and showing how the company’s performance has evolved. The appendices include information about where to find the key indicators throughout the text of the report.

Document prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards Core option

The degree of compliance of this report with the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative has been verified externally by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. (102-56)

Regarding any general questions about this report, the various interest groups can contact the External Relations Department and CSR at Jacinto Benavente 2A, 28232 las Rozas de Madrid (Spain), or by email at rsc@diagroup.com (102-53).

1 In contrast to the Sustainability Development Report in 2016, this report does not include in its consolidated data the activity from its subsidiary in China.
Swiss company DIA World Trade with 5 employees consolidates as Spain. Paraguay S.A, with one employee, consolidates as Argentina (102-45; 102-48).
2 The indicators that report information on the floating financial year and not the calendar year are marked accordingly.

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