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At the end of 2017, the DIA Group had an average workforce of 42,613 employees across four countries: Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and Argentina.

Out of the total number of workers at DIA, 70% are based on the European continent, and 30% are in Latin America. Looking at the split by workplace, 73.7% work in stores, 13.6% work in warehouses, and 12.7% work in offices. This workforce is complemented by people working for the DIA Group on different employment contracts, such as the logistics distributors and the purchasing area, which outsourced some of its functions in 2017, as can be seen in the “Suppliers and Supply Chain” chapter. (102-8)

Workforce by workplace

Year-end workforce
(31th december)

Workforce of the DIA Group by december 2017: 42.613

As we have seen in recent years, the company has grown its business to the extent that it has had repercussions for the Human Resources department. Some of the key objectives in this area now include promoting the development of new skills among employees, capturing new professional profiles with an omni-channel focus, and adapting to customers’ new consumption habits.

The company has a 2017-2020 Human Resources Strategic Plan, approved by the Board of Directors. This Plan is based on three main pillars:

  • Customer focus: Provide continuity and support the initiatives started in recent years to increase employees’ focus on customers, which is one of the DIA Group’s basic strategic pillars.
  • Digital transformation: Promote the necessary organisational and cultural changes to digitally transform the organisation.
  • Employee focus: Work on employee satisfaction in the context of the “100% love my job” project, which includes a series of actions focused on employees, aiming to achieve a higher degree of employee commitment to the project.

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