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Quality: the main commitment

The DIA Group’s main responsibility (and in particular that of its Quality Control team) is to satisfy the expectations of its increasingly demanding customers.

With this objective in mind, the 267 members of the quality team work to guarantee the quality and safety of the products sold, from the moment they are defined to their commercialisation, and even even afterward they are sold, providing answers to queries that customers can ask us through the Customer Service team.

The Own Label products and corresponding suppliers are evaluated by the DIA Group in terms of quality and safety, as a pre-requisite to product validation:

  • 100% approved suppliers: In order to guarantee the quality of its Own Label products, the DIA Group systematically conducts quality audits at suppliers’ production centres. All own-label suppliers must pass strict audits that guarantee the safety of each of the plants that is to produce DIA products.
  • 3,154 panels carried out: Product quality is a key condition for a product to be included in the Own Label assortment. One requirement is that each product must undergo a consumer tasting, which allows the company to evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of the product being developed. All of the tastings involving DIA products are conducted according to the following regulation: UNE 87004:1979 and UNE 87023:1995.

The company’s Control Programme allows it to analytically ensure compliance with the quality requirements defined for products manufactured for the DIA Group brands.

  • 43 in-house laboratories: The DIA Group has a total of 43 in-house laboratories that conducted a total of 934,062 internal analyses in 2017 as part of its control programme.
  • 23,308 external analyses: Moreover, the DIA Group works with approved external laboratories where additional analyses are carried out in addition to the internal checks. The number of external analyses managed in 2017 amounted to 23,308 (416-1).
  • 4,055 audits of warehouses and stores: The Quality Control Department carries out ongoing checks and periodical audits of warehouses and stores, where they supervise and evaluate aspects such as tidiness and cleanliness, the management of expired products, and the cold chain, guaranteeing compliance with the defined standards.


Arising from non-compliance with health and safety in the context of legal regulation, leading to a fine or material sanction (416-2)

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