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DIA at a glance

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Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación S.A., DIA, is a multi-banner, multi-channel, and multi-brand distribution company that sells food, household, health and beauty products to more than 40 million clients worldwide. With stores in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and Brazil (102-6), the company, which is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange and in the selective Ibex 35, generates an average annual turnover of more than EUR10bn.

Main figures (102-7)

Business map

  Stores Employees Gross sales
  2016 2017 2016 2017 2016 2017
Spain 4,875 4,713 26,602 26,035 5,966.6 5,736.9
Portugal 623 630 3,899 3,646 848 852.8
Argentina 872 930 4,755 4,539 1,642.6 1,747.6
Brazil 1,050 1,115 7,947 8,393  1,856.5 1,977.1

Banners & brands


Proximity format

Surface area of between 400 and 700 m2.
Expanding the offer in perishable goods.

Specialists in household, health, and beauty

Close to 6,000 SKUs.
Surface area of between 160 and 260 square metres in urban areas.

Family proximity supermarket

Broad perishables offer and personalised customer service More than 7,500 SKUs, of which 1,500 are fresh.
300, 500, 700, or 1,000 m2 in urban areas

Stores in small towns, especially rural ones that do not require investment in store infrastructure

Managed by franchisees.

Attraction format

Surface area of between 700 and 1,000 m2 in suburban areas
Customer parking
More than 3,500 SKUs

Specalised in serving professionals and the self-employed in hotels, catering, and groups

Assortment of over 4,000 SKUs.

Covers two types of stores in the Portuguese market:

Minipreço Market: proximity in urban centres: Surface area of 250-400 m2 and assortment of 3,000 SKUs.

Minipreço Family: attraction in the suburbs: Surface area of up to 1,000 m2 with covered parking and up to 4,500 SKUs.

Rural stores in the Portuguese market that do not require investment in store infrastructure.

They are run by franchisees



This is the group’s historical brand. With a track record of over 30 years and more than 5,600 SKUs, it encompasses all of the consumer product categories.



This brand is specialised in hygiene and personal care products. It currently includes more than 660 SKUs, and has seen strong growth in recent years.


This is the Group’s Premium brand, with the highest level of added value. It includes 250 SKUS.

Basic Cosmetics

This own-label brand is focused on makeup and decorative cosmetics. It currently includes 550 SKUS.

BabySmile y JuniorSmile

This brand specialises in baby care and junior care. At the end of 2017, it had more than 230 SKUs.


This own-label brand is focused on pet care and includes over 160 SKUs.


This is the latest own-label brand developed by the DIA Group, and specialises in products related to a healthy, balanced diet..

Main Financial Indicators

Financial Indicators 1
  2016 2017
Gross sales under banner 10,550 10,334.4
Net sales 8,867.6 8,620.6
Adjusted EBITDA 625.1 568.6
Investment 345.4 302.6
Net debt 878.3 891.3
Underlying net profit 258.6 217.0

1(102-45) (The financial statements correspond to consolidated financial statements of all group entities).

Economic value generated, distributed and retained (201-1)
  31/12/2016(*) 31/12/2017
Economic value generated 8,807,204 8,781,328
Net business turnover 8,669,257 8,620,550
Other income (**) 126,198 155,660
Financial income 11,656 4,830
Income from companies using the equity method 93 288
Economic value distributed 8,505,284 8,511,742
Goods and other consumables 6,767,370 6,808,596
Personnel expenses 833,643 808,943
Operating expense 633,513 645,071
Losses on disposal of fixed assets (**) 10,811 17,728
Financial expenses 62,293 65,868
Tax on profits 69,119 55,350
Dividends (***) 128,535 110,186
Economic value retained 301,920 269,586

(*) With the China activities re-expressed as interrupted.
(**) Re-expressed by the profits obtained from the sale of buildings to third parties.
(***) As of 31 December 2017, the dividends correspond to the proposed distribution of the fiscal 2017 results which will be presented for approval, while the dividends as of 31 December 2016 correspond to those paid in fiscal 2017 against the results from the previous fiscal year.

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