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Enabling a informed purchase

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Enabling an informed purchase

The company’s commitment to providing transparent information to customers is another of the dimensions that defines quality for DIA.

This is reflected in the company’s Marketing and Communication policy with customers, which promotes transparent communication with consumers and encourages informed purchasing decisions. Accordingly, all the products that need to display nutritional information include not only the information per 100 grams, but also per portion, and wherever possible in the most visible part of the packaging. In turn, DIA is continuing to work on making it easier to identify lactose-free and gluten-free products (the latter have seen a rise in the number of products available, with 53 additional SKUs).

While DIA’s responsibility towards the customer and its ongoing search for customer satisfaction begins with its commitment to transparent information, it does not end there. For the DIA Group, it is essential to offer a wide range of products from which customers can choose, taking into account their tastes, values, or needs.

With this aim in mind, the shelves in our physical and virtual stores are increasingly stocked with gluten-free, lactose-free, organic, Fair Trade products, as well as our Vital brand products (this range is focused on promoting a balanced diet), and our Delicious brand products (providing gourmet items).

* This only refers to Spain. Of these 39 SKUs, 5 display the seal of the Spanish Lactose Intolerance Association (ADILAC).

The assortment is completed with a wide range of fresh produce (meat, fish, fruit and vegetables) that is made available to our customers, both in the self-service and assisted sales areas of the stores.

To conclude, product labelling, information in stores and online and through the Customer Service desk give DIA’s customers the tools to choose the best products for a balanced diet, aligned with their needs, consumption habits, and lifestyle.

In 2016 and 2017, the DIA Group had zero incidents related to non-compliance of product labelling leading to a fine or material sanction (417-2)

Palm Oil

Currently, DIA includes this ingredient in some of its own-label products, but it is working on two courses of action to ensure that it is used responsibly. On the one hand, it is replacing this ingredient with another type of oil where possible, communicating this to the suppliers that produce its own-label brand. On the other hand, it only uses palm oil that has a sustainability certificate if the replacement oil is not desirable or appropriate, in accordance with organoleptic, technological, and environmental factors.

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